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The first time I heard Debbie drum, she brought “ancient voices” into the sanctuary. She was a huge inspiration for me to begin to learn to drum…for this I am truly grateful. With love and admiration, P.K.

Drumming is a major blessing in my life, and drumming under Debbie’s tutelage makes it heavenly! –E.L.

You are so amazing! I can feel my brain being challenged and my soul being nourished! You pace the class so that everyone can learn at their own speed. Everyone who has wanted to learn to drum, but who has been anxious to try something new and different should join your drum classes! –M.R.

Debbie Fier is the teacher I was looking for: A person whose passion for drumming equals her musical knowledge…I have felt welcomed and encouraged…never embarrassed. I always look forward to her classes. –H.W.

Masterfully, she brings soul and spirit into the service through her heart and drums! –E.P.

Debbie Fier’s love of her craft and enthusiasm for bringing new devotees into the circle of drummers are two reasons why I love taking her classes. The other reasons include her musicianship, her humor, her ability to “read” a group, and the fact that she brings me right to the heart of drumming, communication, and community. –A.U.

Debbie joins together her remarkable drumming skills, spiritual passion and strong leadership skills to create a moving and memorable service. –R.G.



I would not put the SAMPLES of PAST EVENTS. 

Just upcoming and ongoing.


This section seems too hidden on the current site. You can grab the images from her current site. If they are too small for your design, let me know. I will fix. Here is the text with added names:



Piano Tuning

Debbie Fier has been a piano tuner and technician since 1980. She has done concert tuning for years, including tuning for artists such as Holly Near, Laura Nyro, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young, Joan Armatrading and others. In addition to tuning, she does repairs including fixing sticky keys, repairing broken and squeaky pedals, and repairing or replacing parts on all different types, styles, makes and models of pianos. She tunes in homes, schools, churches, performance venues and anywhere else that pianos live. Her clients include Dolby Labs, Berkeley Unified School District, DC Pianos and many, many musicians and piano teachers throughout the SF Bay Area. She returns calls promptly, shows up on time and ready to work, and completes jobs efficiently, counting on her many years of experience and expertise.

"Keeping the world in tune, one piano at a time!”



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